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Traditional Handfasting Ceremonies & Renewal of Vows

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Celebrate your special day in a unique way! Joann is licensed to legally marry you in the Great State of Florida and can renew your vows anywhere! The Traditional Celtic Handfasting Ceremony is a beautiful and meaningful way to join your lives together. The tradition of handfasting, which involves binding the hands of the couple with ribbon or cord in  public to symbolize marriage vows, is steeped in history having derived from Celtic tribes that were widespread in Europe before Christianity.

The term handfasting dates from late medieval times, deriving from the Old Norse  "hand-festa", which means to strike a bargain by joining hands. Several of our modern day sayings originate from this practice. For example, a handshake which represents a vow or commitment, and the terms "tying the knot" and "the bonds of Holy Matrimony".   Handfasting
therefore represents a commitment in context to a more intimate partnership for a lifetime. In ancient times, the ribbons took the place of rings, since precious metals were only available to the upper class . Today many people choose to renew their vows using only the ribbons as they have been wearing their rings for many years.  However, either Marriage or Vow Renewal Ceremonies can incorporate both rings and ribbons if you desire.

The practice was well known in Scotland, and we find early documentation from the middle ages to the early 17th century.  It was perhaps brought to more public attention when millions of movie goers watched William Wallace pledge his love to his bride by handfasting in the movie "Braveheart".

Your Wedding Officiator, Joann, hails from William Wallace's beloved homeland and so will officiate your Ceremony in an authentic  native brogue.

* The Ceremony itself employs text and traditions taken from ancient times.

* Your handfasting bindings will be made of beautiful tartan ribbons and will be wrapped in such a fashion that you may retain them for later display in your matrimonial home with the knot tied during your Ceremony kept intact.

* In addition to the legal documentation, you will also receive a Commemorative Scroll Certificate bound in tartan ribbon to remind you of your special day.

* A unique "Bagpipe Lamp" individually made by Scottish hands and personalized with your names and wedding date on an engraved plaque will be brought to your Ceremony for your guests to admire. After the wedding, your lamp will serve every day in your home as an elegant and practical reminder of your Handfasting Ceremony. This lamp is made with beautiful rosewood and tumbled marble. Its unusual design has a Scottish Bagpipe Chanter at the center and is set on a rustic marble and wood base.
The linen shade is embellished with colorful tartan trim in the shape of the St Andrew's Cross with a Scottish Military Emblem in its center. It is wiredfor use in USA electrical system, uses a  max of 60 Watt bulb and stands 19” tall. (Since all materials are natural, they may vary slightly in color/texture from that shown).

* After you have taken your vows, you will be invited to "Jump Over The Broom". This ancient tradition symbolizes your jumping over the threshold into your new life together. Your broom will also be trimmed with tartan ribbon and yours to take to your new home.

**  You may also include the option of having a musical addition to your Ceremony. This features a piper in Highland Dress to lead the Bride down the aisle and the happy couple back up the aisle and also Robert Burns' most famous love song "My Luv Is Like A Red, Red Rose" performed by Joann.

The Braveheart Ceremony  includes Wedding Officiant, Legal Documentation, Tartan Handfasting Ribbons, Commemorative Scroll, Unique Handmade Personalized Bagpipe Lamp & Tartan Trimmed Ceremonial Broom.

The Piper Platinum Ceremony  includes Wedding Officiant, Legal Documentation, Tartan Handfasting Ribbons, Commemorative Scroll,  Unique Handmade Personalized Bagpipe Lamp, Tartan Trimmed Ceremonial Broom, Bagpiper and Joann singing Burns' song.    

 Legal Wedding Ceremonies must be performed in the State of Florida.

Renewal of Vows Ceremonies can be performed anywhere. Please contact us to plan your personal Celtic Wedding!

Email : joann@glasgowgirl.com (and type the words "Celtic Weddings" in the subject line)

Handfasting Ceremony scene from movie "Braveheart"